About Our Prices

Our store is successful because of our high volume. We are able to pass those savings along to our customers. All of our dry cleaning is processed on site, additionally reducing our cost. We do ask for payment in advance. We accept cash, Mastercard & Visa. Due to the high fees, we do not accept American Express or Checks. There is an additional $1.50 Environmental & Petroleum surcharge. The fee is per 8 garments of laundry and is reevaluated each year.

The following prices are effective August 4, 2014.

Items Other Cleaners Dry Clean City
Men's Shirts, Laundered $2.60 $2.25
Men's Shirts, Dry Cleaned $4.00 $2.49
Ladies Blouses – Dry Cleaned $5.65 $2.49
Skirt – Dry Cleaned $5.99 $2.49
Dress – Dry cleaned $7.50 $2.49
Jacket – Dry Cleaned $6.25 $2.49
Sweater – Dry Cleaned $5.50 $2.49
Variable Costs Fee* -- $1.50
Weekly Total $37.50 $18.69
Weekly Savings $18.39
Monthly Savings $74.00
Annual Savings $883.00

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